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Oiselle Hat and Nathan Airess Race Vest

Today I had planned to run 8 miles but plans had to change a bit when my son had to stay home from school because he was not feeling well.  I decided to do a 6.5 mile loop from my house.  I went around 8am and it was already feeling humid and hot.  If you know me, you know I DESPISE running in the heat and humidity.  Hence the reason I opted to train in the winter for the marathon (which was this past March).   Anyhow, I knew I was going to need to carry water and although I didn't go very far, I wore my Nathan vest and mesh hat today.  Both of these I wore during the marathon and I was so thankful for them.   Oiselle Mesh Cap  on SALE Packable mesh running cap Nathan Vapor Airess Race Vest  on Amazon my color is on sale.  The newest version looks to be same but just new colors is located on the Nathan Website or Rei The Oiselle hat is such a great find. I wanted to find something light and packable and if it happened to rain (which was in the forecast for the marathon)

Two 10 miler Race Recaps

This month (a month after completing my first marathon) I had signed up for two 10 mile races.  The first of which, the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, I had entered the lottery for the past 2 years and finally was selected this year! I had been kinda struggling to get back to my regular pace running after the marathon so didn't have high expectations about finishing very quickly. So, I went into it with the attitude of, if I felt good on race day I would go for it and push myself, if not, then just enjoy it with my friends.  It is a large race (not as crowded as the Army 10 miler, but very large) and I was not prepared for all of the weaving I would be doing for most of the race.  (Next time I will be sure to get in the front of my pace corrale.)  I ran it with a few of my BLUR buddies - 2 of which started with me.  We quickly realized it was nearly impossible to stay together after going through the water stations. I wasn't carrying water on me so basically was stopping at all o

šŸŒ·Spring FlowersšŸŒ·

Spring flowers are almost in full bloom in my gardens around my house.  The azaleas in the front where it's very shady all of the time still have some blooming to do.   This is definitely my favorite season in my garden.  Luckily the former owners of my house liked to garden and planted most of what you see here. However this year, to replace a hole left by a dead tree that we removed, I planted about 20 tulip bulbs.  About 14 bloomed!

New shoes always make me happy!

Loving my new sandals from, yes, Target.  I mean who doesn't love an emblished gladiator sandal? (Well, probably my husband, but he's clueless about women's fashion.) Also, if you don't already own a neutral (beige, taupe, nude, gold) sandal, they are a must-have wardrobe staple (That and a pair of espadrilles, Jennifer.) These particular ones are inexpensive but don't look it, and they will go with everything from jeans or shorts to dresses.   Happy springtime! 

New running socks review!

Today I tested out abother pair of procompresion socks.  I have always worn Feetures and still will but these will be my new go-to pair...luckily they came in a two pack!  They are seamless and so soft and have special areas that are more cushioned (right where I normally get blisters). I am excited to try them out on a longer run!

Finally...First post!

RUNFLOWFASH Day one...I am going to get this blog up and running today! It is definitely a work a progress so keep checking back as it will be changing and hopefully gradually getting better. Link to dress I am wearing Today is Easter and I was up before my family in order to be at church by 9 to play my flute in 2 services.  I was exhausted as we were up late last night at a Caps game which went into double over-time.  I was OVER it.  We didn't get to bed til about 1am.  After church my husband and his dad headed to a Nats game and the boys and my mother-in-law and I went to Chima Brazilian Steakhouse for brunch.  Lots of delicious food! I decided a short run was in order...I have some new items I had been wanting to try out.   Procompression Socks and a FlipBelt !  It was hot and I don't do well in the heat paired with running later in the day (I prefer morning).  I wanted to try the compression socks because I have been having problems with my right calf being