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Oiselle Hat and Nathan Airess Race Vest

Today I had planned to run 8 miles but plans had to change a bit when my son had to stay home from school because he was not feeling well.  I decided to do a 6.5 mile loop from my house.  I went around 8am and it was already feeling humid and hot.  If you know me, you know I DESPISE running in the heat and humidity.  Hence the reason I opted to train in the winter for the marathon (which was this past March).  Anyhow, I knew I was going to need to carry water and although I didn't go very far, I wore my Nathan vest and mesh hat today.  Both of these I wore during the marathon and I was so thankful for them.  

Oiselle Mesh Cap on SALE Packable mesh running cap
Nathan Vapor Airess Race Vest on Amazon my color is on sale.  The newest version looks to be same but just new colors is located on the Nathan Website or Rei

The Oiselle hat is such a great find. I wanted to find something light and packable and if it happened to rain (which was in the forecast for the marathon) I wanted a hat to keep the rain off of my face.  This one does all of that.  I especially love the bungee cord adjuster in the back which allows you to adjust it on your head or when you are packing it up you can tuck it all in there into a compact little thing! There's a short video on my Instagram if you want to know more.
The Nathan hydration vest is by far the best investment (well, my kids got it for me for Christmas actually) for long distance hydration needs.  It is so much more than just a pack to hold water though. It has oodles of pockets and compartments that are so useful.

Some of the features which I really love are the magnetic piece on the straw which attaches to the vest when you are not using it.  It is so much better than a clip!  There are pockets on the front straps that are perfect for easy access to your GU or beans. My phone, with it's case on it, fits perfectly into one of the front pockets as well. This is HUGE, because I like to have easy access to my phone for runfies and such, of course. ;)  There are two mesh side pockets which I store tissues and lip balm in.  The back pocket has room for not just the water bladder but also could store extra clothing, the hat, more nutrition and more!  Another plus is the water bladder itself. It holds 2 liters of water and is very easy to clean.  I have never had any problems with leaking (as my kids other brand hydration packs tend to do).  All around this purchase is totally worth it!


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