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Two 10 miler Race Recaps

This month (a month after completing my first marathon) I had signed up for two 10 mile races.  The first of which, the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler, I had entered the lottery for the past 2 years and finally was selected this year! I had been kinda struggling to get back to my regular pace running after the marathon so didn't have high expectations about finishing very quickly. So, I went into it with the attitude of, if I felt good on race day I would go for it and push myself, if not, then just enjoy it with my friends. 
It is a large race (not as crowded as the Army 10 miler, but very large) and I was not prepared for all of the weaving I would be doing for most of the race.  (Next time I will be sure to get in the front of my pace corrale.)  I ran it with a few of my BLUR buddies - 2 of which started with me.  We quickly realized it was nearly impossible to stay together after going through the water stations. I wasn't carrying water on me so basically was stopping at all of the stations.  After the 2nd station of slamming water and then trying to find my friends I finally just gave up on that part. Plus, I was feeling strong and just wanted to keep my momentum going so ended up running solo for most of the race. I felt like I may be able to PR!  However, like I mentioned there was a LOT of weaving around people. (I think my stats showed in the end that I literally passed 1,000's of people!) Therefore, I ended up just one minute shy of my last PR.  However, it was a really nice race. Beautiful day and the cherry blossoms were actually blooming, which, according to my friends who have run it multiple times, NEVER happens for this race!  I would definitely like to do this one again!  

Last weekend I ran the George Washington Parkway Classic (10 miler) with friends.  This is my 3rd time doing this race and we have always had the same luck with the weather. Rain in the forecast so we prepare for the worst. But then, race day it is overcast, no rain, perfect 50 degree running weather.  This is a point to point race so our group (of 4 this year) parked our van at the end in Olde Town Alexandria and shuttled to the start.
It starts at Mount Vernon. We barely had time this year to get to a potty and then run to the start! It was a pleasant race and my friend Rachel and I stayed together and talked for most of it.  I was feeling strong so would pull ahead sometimes and she told me at the end she was just trying to keep up with me!  According to my splits I ran the second half faster than the first and my last mile was 9:20 pace, which is HUGE for me!  
I am not fast and this is a fast mile for me, so I was pleased.  Although not a PR, I was not disappointed with my performance, and I think my cross training has paid off in allowing me to pull out a stronger finish!  

Afterwards I had made us a reservation for brunch at The Majestic.  The avocado toast and my crazy Bloody Mary was AWESOME!  Definitely a great reward!


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