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Food and running with friends

FOOD - I have been making a lot of yummy open faced sandwiches lately.  I use my grocery bakery's multi-grain panini bread and toast it.  Then most time I will smash about a half or 1/4 of an avocado on top...then I like to add different things on to that.  One day it was strawberries, goat cheese and arugula! Sooo tasty. Another day I do what a call and "pan scramble" and just crack an egg into an already hot pan and scramble with a fork as it cooks. This time I sauteed some baby spinach first then cracked the egg in and scrambled it all together.  Topped with a really juicy farmer's market tomato.  These things are awesome. Speaking of Farmer's Markets.....the running group I am a part of likes to meet there for a group run on Saturday mornings and then, those of us who want to, shop the market afterwards.  My boys love it because I bring them back a ginormous cinnamon roll for breakfast. This time of  year the tomatoes are so perfect and delicious.

New Job, New Car, Peonies and Hill Repeats

Been super busy (as we all are) as the preschool where I am the assistant director (soon to be director) is nearing completion of the year!  I am excited and nervous about stepping into the director position but it will be a big change for me....more responsibility and working 5 days a week (still part time) instead of just 3.  Today I had a taste of that as I worked on a Friday and it was not bad!  I ordered out lunch and the Friday vibe is just more chill overall. Last week we bought a car and it was definitely a long time coming.  We bought our truck in 2004 and owned it for 12 years!  The 2015 Dodge Durango R/T that we replaced it with is the nicest car we have ever owned....lots of bells and whistles, to include a full entertainment system, heated seats, driver seat memory (love this!), and more!  It's gonna take me awhile to learn how to work all this stuff! Enjoying my new ride! (A sunroof!?) SPRING IS HERE!  This is one of my favorite times of year because of all