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Summer + Dress = Instant Outfit!

You guys....How is it almost July!?  The fact that my kids have just finished school makes the summer feel like it is flying by.  I have been wearing a lot of dresses this summer because they are so easy. And to quote my youngest son, "Mom, I just realized, you have a LOT of dresses!"  Yep...and shoes, and clothes in general.  It's a problem.  Anyway,  I have a LOT of summer dresses and I am dedicating this post to them!  I just love that you have one piece of clothing and just throw it on with some cute sandals for an instant outfit.   
A recent purchase that I bought from one of my favorite althetic-wear sites, title nine is this cute dress pictured below.  It is called the Shready Dress .  It is actually made by Patagonia and organic cotton with a hint of stretch. I ordered an extra small and the fit is perfect.  (It has a built in bra but I still wear a strapless with it cause...ya know.)  I really want it in the other color but they are out of my size. Another plus is it is one of the less-expensive dresses that they offer.  I love it with a pair of metallic sandals (I wore Lilly Pulitzer for Target pineapple sandals.)

Athleta has a great selection of stretchy, t-shirt material dresses. 
I already featured this one in a previous post - but it deserves another highlight, it's so great. Here is a link to one similar. 
If you are more into the Boho look - I love the dresses from LUCKY BRAND. I got the dress below last summer and wear it at least once a week! Here's a link to one that is similar.

From Ann Taylor, I recently purchased this striped poplin dress will be great for church or other summer events. It is faux wrap top that is so flattering for all shapes! 
I own several dresses from LOFT and currently eyeing this oneThe dress below is from LOFT last year. Also striped and has pockets, which I love!

I could go on and on, but that's all I've got time for today! Happy summer dress shopping! 


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