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Summertime...what's bloomin'!?

Hey all!  It's been a busy time here for us.  The boys have one more week of school (yes, they are still in school up here in northern VA)!  With that we have been busy cleaning out rooms, throwing away, donating and reorganizing.  Our oldest will be a freshman in high school and his room needed a revamp.  It is still a work in progress but looking more teen by the minute!

This week I wanted to post some favorites that I've been wearing as well as share some of what's blooming in my backyard right now.
First up...loving this shade of blue-ish green for my nails (and have been getting numerous compliments from cashiers in the check-out line 😉 ) It is an OPI gel polish called "Suzi without a paddle".  Kind of a "Tiffany" blue...And, bonus, it matches my favorite coffee mug!
Also shown in the picture is another top I am loving from JCrew Factory.  You'll recall I have the same one in pink. I loved it so much I purchased in this ecru color.  The scalloped neckline and light weight make it a summer go-to with shorts, white skinny jeans or skirts.  The shades are Madewell that I purchased back in December.  They are narrow and fit my face better than other brands in this style.  Bracelet and ring are both Stella and Dot and I have been wearing both on repeat lately. (Shout out to my stylist, Lauren!)

My hydrangeas are finally in bloom and I brought some in yesterday to decorate the table for father's day.  These flowers rank up with my favorite (the peony).  It is also easy to dry them and save them to use in the winter months.
I like to arrange them in various old mason jars and put them on my table or mantlepieces.  These purple and pink ones came from the same bush. It's always interesting to me because they will actually change color on the bush.  They seem to turn a more bluish color the longer they are left on the bush.  I tried to wait to snip some until about a week after I saw the first blossom.  There are several blossoms that have not fully opened yet, so I hope to have a month or so of flowers to bring into the house!
Happy Summer! 


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