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Food faves!

I have had some inquiries as to some of my favorite foods as far as protein bars, powders, and other healthy foods I choose. I am definitely trying to keep the sugar content down and to eat as naturally as possible and of course stay away from processed foods.  One rule that I try to follow is to be able to read all of the ingredients on a label and as few ingredients as possible.  For instance, peanut butter. Only ingredient in this should be PEANUTS! I like Crazy Richard's brand. The grocery store's natural brand is also good, but has added salt so if you're watching your sodium that is something to look out for.  

So let's get right into it...I find it's important to have some healthy snacks in my purse at all times. These RX bars are super filling and tasty. Ingredients listed on the package front...and no B.S. Love it! The chocolate sea salt is my favorite. 
  Lately, for a treat when I am craving sweets, I have been eating these new Nature Valley biscuits.  They are like a granola bar sandwich. I especially like ones filled with almond butter.  As far as sugar content they are relatively lower than some bars (8 grams for peanut butter ones, 11 grams for the almond butter). At under 200 cals, they are just enough of a snack to hold me over til dinner in the afternoon.

Speaking of granola.  I love to put some bear naked granola over skyr for a snack or breakfast.  
The skyr I like best is Siggis brand. All natural ingredients and low in sugar. My favorite is the plain or vanilla.
I believe I have posted before about my favorite almond milk. Califia Farms is by far the best tasting unsweetened vanilla almond milk I have ever had.  My local Target or Whole Foods carries it. I have also tried the plain and oat almond milk and they are just as delicious.  I really like it mixed into my overnight oats or iced coffee. 
Protein powders can be filled with sugar.  I have found a plant based protein powder (sold at Target) that I love is VEGA.
I especially like the vanilla flavor and add it to a smoothie including, frozen banana, spinach, and other fruits and the above almond milk for a healthy post-run shake.  A really good trick is to mix with leftover coffee, almond milk and ice for a mocha shake! Yum!
Okay - all this food talk is making me hungry....
off to eat a snack!
*Note...I am not profitting from the promotion of any of these brands.  
Merely posting for my readers information. 


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