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Swimsuit roundup

Just got back from a glorious week with the family at the beach.  It was really what I needed in order to re-charge my batteries before the upcoming school year begins next month. It is always the hightlight of our summer and really our entire year because we get to spend a whole week together with family and extended family.  My youngest son was so upset for it to end that he nearly cried himself to sleep last night. (He's 13 now!)
In honor of our beach trip I seem to always buy a new bathing suit....with the exception of this year! I didn't buy any new suits but managed to have a different one to wear each day. Thought I would do a bathing suit roundup of my suits and if they're not availbable anymore I linked some selections of suits that are similar in style.
First off is this triangle suit from last year that I purchased from Target (linked to similar style)- which I topped with the Michael Stars Ruana from the summer 2017 FabFitFun box. (By the way, so many cool things in this box. By far the best subscription box I have ever had.) Since I am smaller on top the triangle top is not a problem for me.  There are way more expensive ones that I've seen on celebs and when I found this one I just had to snag it.  Plus they are separates so you can get a different size top than bottom, which is imperative for me! ;)
Next day I wore a navy-striped strapless number, also from Target.  They seem to have the same top still available but the bottoms are a bit different.  The ones from last year tie on the sides.  I like this suit a lot but not the greatest for sand-castle building and sand sports as I had to keep pulling up the top!
Speaking of strapless, I also wore this monogrammed bandeau one day. Here is a similar one from MarleyLilly. The coral bottoms were bought separately from Ahtleta. They are the "medium tide" bottom. I'm a sucker for a monogram so...there ya go!
In hopes of having some better support while digging and playing sand sports I wore my favorite halter top bikini from Prana. Of course I'm not doing much activity in this particular picture, but this suit is the perfect one for keeping everything in place for more active beach activity!

Last beach day I wore my favorte suit that I purchased last year from Athleta.  This partcular suit is no longer available but I love how the straps are adjustable, criss-cross and tie in the back. I have on the tie side bottoms but also have the matching petal shorts that I wear when paddle boarding or as a cover-up.
By the way, sunglasses in all above posts are Madewell and seersucker hat is MarleyLilly. Can't remember where I got the other hat...Target maybe? Lots of these suits are on sale now since it's end of season, so it's a good time to shop for suits you'll be wearing NEXT summer! 


  1. I would love to get a bikini for Costa Rica. What style would you suggest for a big busted gal like me? I did notice Target had lots of choices but wanted to target (pun intended) my search.

    1. I would go for a halter top with thicker straps and a clasp (not tie) back for extra support. I will send you some links.


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