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Lights, camera, fashion!

Reviewing the last of my illumination devices today!  This week I had a chance to try out the shoe lights that I was gifted by my sister-in-law. 

They are the Night Runner 270 and they worked great.  The benefit to these is that they are super light and I forgot they were even on my feet! They will be good for navigating tricky trail terrain (say that fast 10 times!) at night as they light up the area directly in front your your feet. So, I have my headlamp for front and side illumination, my hand held flashlight for aiming at whatever is down in front, and the shoe lights for close to the feet areas.  I think I can't get any more LIT that this!  These shoe lights attach into your shoe laces and can be adjusted to do several different modes of light (similar to the head lamp). Steady, steady higher beam and flashing....all of these go on at the same time as a red light that shines to the back, so people behind can see you as well.  I am hoping these will help to give the confidence I need for the night portions of the upcoming Ragnar Trail race in Richmond.

Now for something totally different...I busted out the leopard accessories this week on one of our more spring-like weather days.  At first I thought this was too much leopard at one time...but NAH!  As long as your other pieces that you are wearing are neutrals, like denim or black like I have on, you're good!

Shoes and Belt are LOFT (old)
Tortoise shell cuff Bracelet  is Garnet Hill and no longer available (found HERE)
Ring is World Market (only $5!? not available online but here is a link to their jewelry)

I'll close out this post with my birthday dinner outfit.  I bought the top last year from Banana Republic.  It is such a delicate silk and has really cool silver beaded epaulettes (yes, I had to Google the spelling of that one!) on the shoulders that I love.  The necklace is from the last FabFitFun box.  The delicate silver beads compliment the shoulder beading quite nicely I think.  It was a great outfit for a great night out with my husband!  Ready to rock my 47th year!


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