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Trail Blazing

First of all, thank you to all of my readers - I had more than twice the views on my last blog post so that is motivating me to try and post more often! I just may consider myself a blogger now!
Today I will reivew a few more of the products that I have been using in preparation for my upcoming Ragnar race (April 2018).  As well as tell you about some of my latest  running clothing purchases that I am loving.
The picture above is from a quite challenging trail run that I did last weekend with my BLUR group. Most of the ladies pictured with me are on my Ragnar team and they rocked that run...on the other hand, I was literally trailing behind the group the whole time, so I was a bit frustrated with myself. I am chalking this up to the fact that, because of the falls that I had on trails in the past, I am just more cautious with my steps and not as confident. In highsight, I am pleased to have completed the run without falling or getting injured so I am going to call it a win! I have great new trail shoes (Salomon X-3 Mission W) which I did a review on in the previous post and thos make me feel great but I feel like I just need some more trail time to get my confidence up.  This particular trail was icy (in the picture above that is a layer of ICE we are standing on and around!), rocky, had elevation changes and climbing parts that were quite challenging!  I did more hiking than running.  It was beautiful scenary and I loved being out there with my friends. One of my friends in the group has navigated this trail before so she was a great trail guide.

I also purchased a new, larger handheld water bottle. It is the Nathan Speedview Flask with Phone case.  (you can see it in my left hand in the picture above.) It is wonderful because it will fit my phone and that portion of the case is actually plastic so a bit rain-proof.  (I did forget to zip it and my phone flew out at one point on this run and cracked the edge of my screen protector though.😔)
 I bought it to replace my waistbelt - which is what I was using for hydration on runs that are between 4 and 6 miles.  (I use my nathan backpack for the longer ones. My friend is wearing that pack in the picture above - I have the same one!) The waist belt elastic is just shot and it was driving me crazy moving all round.  The only thing I don't really like about this hendheld one is that is is quite heavy (especially when my phone is in it with a full bottle).  I think I turn my wrist funny when I'm runing with it, so I think I still need to get used to it.

This week I also had time to try out my new Nathan HaloFire headlamp this week. It looks super large in this pic but it really doesn't seem that big when I'm wearing it.  I had it onover the beanie and it was not uncomfortable, however it did mash my headphone earbud into my head some but I think that is more an eadbud problem that a problem with the lamp. I couldn't figure out how to get the "wave" technology to work - I think there is separate button that I need to engage, but didn't read up enough on that beforehand - however it does have several settings and gets to be super bright.  I really didn't "need" the light as it was sunrise so I still will test it out again under really dark conditions, but I think it is a definite winner of a purchase!
As for clothing I  am loving for running in colder weather....I am really digging the Eddie Bauer Stormdown Microtherm vest.  (It is on sale now! I may have to get anouther color...) I love it so much that I have it in two colors! In the picture above I am wearing it in "Silver" (size XS) and in the pic below in a fun "poppy" color. It looks lighter online in their pictures but it is a fun color and makes me feel safe being so bright.
I think it looks great with gray too, and that is one of my favorite colors to wear. I have a TON of gray things in my wardrobe!  The other items I am wearing are from Lucy (the tops - which are no longer available since they seem to be actually closing their shops and going in with NorthFace brand now.) and the TitleNine Herringbone distance run tights I believe I reviewed my previous post.  The hat is LuLulemon - probably the only thing I own in that brand since it's so dang expensive! - and couldn't find the exact one but here is a link to a similar hat (on sale!)
Hope everyone is having an enjoyable weekend!


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