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Summertime Shape Up!

Good afternoon!
One would think that summer would be the time I am more apt to post on my blog - but alas, that has not been that case yet. I have been just as busy if not more with my job and also a few other things added to my schedule.  One of the things I've started in the last 2 weeks is a Beachbody workout program called the 80 DAY OBSESSION on Beachbody On Demand.  It is not only an awesome 80 day workout regime but also there is a timed and portion controlled way of eating that goes along with it. As part of the eating plan I am drinking Shakeology each day (flavor of choice - Cafe Latte).   In addition, I am training for my next (my 11th) Half Marathon which happens at the end of July.  Because of this new regimen I am doing, I will actually be taking longer to complete the 80 day plan since some of my workouts will consist of a run in place of the workout planned and I still need to have (at least) one day of rest per week.  So far I am 9 workouts in and about 2 weeks in on the eating plan and I am really loving it. It is a challenge in many ways (a lot less carbs than I'm used to and lifting heavier weights in the workouts than I've ever done before), but I love the organization of it, so have adapted fairly well to the regime.  I am getting creative with my meals have been adding some new healthy subs for carbs into my diet.
Healthy carbs = Sweet potato "toast" with avocado and veggie egg scramble
Hello Fresh - Israeli Couscous, roasted chickpeas, brussel sprouts and feta

I also bought a new Garmin - the Forerunner35 and I am loving it. It has a few added features that my old VivofitHR didn't have (like Vo2 Max computations) and the screen is so much easier to read during a run (my close-up vision is really horrible now). I went with Garmin instead of another brand because I really love the Garmin Connect app that each workout/run automatically loads to. It also sync's with the MyFitnessPal app where I track my nutrition and workouts. Battery life is awesome and it connects quickly to GPS before a tracking a run. No complaints so far!
Garmin Forerunner 35
Looking forward to my upcoming family beach trip, my solo/girls trip to San Francisco as well as seeing the results of my 80+days of hard work at the end of the summer!  
What are you most looking forward to this summer?


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