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Stop Wishing and Start Working!

This past month has been really incredible for me!  I have gained a new perspective on my life through helping others as a fitness coach in addition to my job as director at a preschool.  Although I'm still figuring out the proper balance between the two it has really been a seamless transition into coaching while keeping the rest of my life together.  I think it's because the "business" of coaching is not like a job to me. I enjoy being fit and am proof of the results so have found it's so fun to share that with others to get them started on their own journey.
Singing with the preschoolers is one of the highlights of my week as director !
Never thought I would have a 6 pack!!
On a fitness level, I am almost done with my 8 week program of LIIFT4 and at the end of week 7 I am 3 lbs down and have more muscle tone (especially in my upper body!) than ever before!  This makes me down a total of 11lbs since the beginning of summer when I started the 80 Day Obsession program. 
Losing fat and gaining muscle!!
I am also training for some upcoming races in November and have been running twice a week in addition to the LIIFT4  workouts. I have seen HUGE improvement in my times - partially due to the weather getting cooler and humidity dropping, but mostly I think the program has made me a STRONGER runner!   I am running less but performing at a higher level.  Being lighter in lbs has also contributed to being able to run faster!  
Hill repeats - best time ever for me!
Solo 8 mile training run with a steady 10:30 pace is huge for me!
My clothing is fitting way better and have even gone down another size in jeans!  I am a 2 - WHAT??!?  I mean I was a size 10 jeans in high school and a large chunk of my life.  I will always have thighs and be curvy on my lower half but now I feel more balanced and less flabby in all areas!!  

Size 2 baby!!
My coach, Cristine has been so awesome in keeping me on track with all of the things I need to be doing to grow in the coaching business. We went to Super Sunday together and heard some extremely motivating coaches speak about their journey. I have already learned so much that I have been able to take and implement in order to benefit as a coach and be more effective at helping others!  I never thought I would be a coach. I'm so glad I took this leap out of my comfort zone and into coaching.  It has sparked a renewed fire in my own fitness endeavors as well!  Next week, starting November 1st, I will be doing my own challenge group with the help of my friend who has decided to coach as well.  
We are going to rock our 21 day program!!🎉
Me and my coach
I would love to help you start/continue your own fitness journey! Leave me a Comment below if you're ready to Stop WISHING and start WORKING for your best life!!!!


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