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Fall Running and Fall Fashion


OMG ya'll...I can't believe that I haven't posted since August!  I have been missing this and compiling things in my head that I wanted to share and blog about but alas, my crazy busy life has gotten in the way.  First off, we are finally seeing some cooler and there!  Unfortunately we had some unusually hot days also, one of which was during the Army Ten Miler.  It was so crazy humid that there were many people that were suffering from heat stroke and so many had to be medically evacuated that they deemed the race a "fun run" at 10:08am.  Having started further back than the wave we were slotted in so that we (my husband and I) could start with our friends, we did not cross the finish line until 10:28am. Needless to say I was not a happy camper when the anouncer said that this basically didn't "count". WHAT!?  It WAS miserable and we even did some walking (as I have never done during a race except for the full marathon and my very first 5k).  It was like running through soup.  I was almost 10 minutes slower than last year. OH well!  Good training for the upcoming fall races...
Happy to have made it to the corral after being stuck in traffic forever!

On the bridge, mustered up a smile and some strong arms for the photographer!
Finally finished!
Next up on the racing agenda is the Norfolk 5K and Half Marathon. It is coming up in November, the weekend before Thanksgiving.  My friend Janet and I did the Half last year and it was such a great experience that we decided to have a go at it again, only this time we're adding on the 5k the day before.  We will get a total of three BLINGY medals for the weekend. One for the 5k, one for the Half and then another for doing both races!  This will be the first time I have race back to back like this.  Buuuut, I have done another crazy thing and gone and signed a group of us up for the RAGNAR trail race in Richmond this spring! I am excited and terrified all at the same time.  It is a bucket list item that I've been dreaming of completing ever since a few of my running buddies completed it last year.  It will be WILD!  Especially running trails at night!  For those of you who don't know, it is a trail race that you do with a team of 8 runners. Each runner runs 3 loops of the trails which vary from 4 to 8 miles each loop. We run continuously for two days! Crazy... More to post on that another day.  Training on trails will start after the holidays!

Some of these ladies will be joing me to RAGNAR in April!

 I am definitely ready for the fall color and cooler weather and have been enjoying starting to wear some sweaters and booties.  Also, running in cooler weather is ALWAYS more fun! I'll post a few of my favorite pieces for fall.  The first picture below is basically my fall "uniform".  Jeans, booties, a tank under a light utility jacket and light scarf.  The booties are the perfect color (mushroom from Sole Society, linked below pic) and go with all of my fall colored items.  

Booties, Jacket (old by Lucy), Scarf (old, Target), Jeans , Tank 
Another new favorite are these pink suede slip-ons.  Saw them on another bloggers Instagram and just fell in love.  I love them with black jeans and this cute hoodie I got last year from Target.

Suede slip-ons, Jeans (LOFT), Jacket (old Target), Bag (Sole Society)

Sweater and skinny black jeans (LOFT), Boots (LuckyBrand)



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